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Ecstasy: The Mere Sense Of Living Is Joy

Ecstasy, also referred to as MDMA, is a synthetic proactive drug used for recreational purposes and several medical ailments.

The drug’s chemical formula is 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine,

and its chemical structure is similar to the stimulant methamphetamine and mescaline, which is a halogen.

The drug shoes desired effects in the body, including an increase in energy and pleasure and a change in the body sensations.

Since it is both a stimulant and a psychedelic drug,

it distorts the perception of time and surroundings, helping people tactile experiences and enjoy themselves.

The high-quality ecstasy online, if consumed orally,

start showing its effects within thirty to forty-five minutes, and it lasts for around three to six hours, if not more. 

The MDMA, first developed in 1912, became famous as a street drug in the 1980s.

The ecstasy pills on sale online are generally associated with raves, electronic dance music, and parties.

Primarily MDMA affects the brain by messing with the chemical serotonin system,

which plays an essential role in regulating mood, sleep, sensitivity to pain, and even sexual activities.

Order Ecstasy Online

There are several reasons why you should buy ecstasy online rather than from the street dealers who provide low-quality products.

Online stores are the most trusted gateways to purchase these drugs and eradicate the fake and ineffective ecstasy available on the streets.

Most online stores also provide the buyers with full transparency about the medicines they offer and their composition. 

Since ecstasy is illegal in several areas buying them, street dealers can be highly harmful and unsafe,

so it is essential to buy them from reputed sites that keep the products discrete and allow the drug’s legal selling.

A majority of the street dealers add harmful substances to the refined version of the drug, which causes severe health issues.

The online stores work to meet the consumer’s demands and provide high-quality medicines at reasonable prices.

How To Use It?

MDMA is generally taken in the form of tablets or pills which are swallowed.

Once swallowed, the effects become prominent within thirty to ninety minutes of the pills’ consumption,

and the results last up to six to eight hours.

Most people feel the hangover effects till a day.

When you buy ecstasy online, you need to figure out the various ways in which you can consume them.

Apart from taking the pills orally, you can also snort,

smoke, or inject them into your bloodstream.

Since ecstasy is most commonly taken orally, it is not designed to be injected. 

Injecting ecstasy is very dangerous as the pills are bound by a chalky substance that can block veins

and cause unpleasant effects such as abscesses and blood poisoning if injected into the bloodstream.

Cure Your Ailments Using Ecstasy

The reputed ecstasy online shops provide high-quality products that help to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

It also contains several other therapeutic values.

Even though it is an illegal substance in most areas and a staple night clubbing drug, recent studies show several clinical values.

According to recent researches, the party drug can be used for treating four severe conditions shortly.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Researches show that the drug successfully treats PTSD symptoms in most patients treated with MDMA for psychotherapy.

This study’s main participants included firefighters,

police officers, and chronic post-traumatic stress disorder patients.

The combination of ecstasy with psychotherapy can help to change patterns of fear-based based on specific emotions. 

PTSD is one of the significant public nemesis at this moment, especially among military personnel.

There are also other psychological issues, which include depression, substance use, and at its final stage, suicides.

There are very few medications available to treat the condition, and the medicines available are least effective.

The use of MDMA for treating the disease can help several patients to cure the condition.


The ecstasy pills for sale online are known for their anxiolytic properties.

Thus the drug proves helpful to treat social anxiety in most individuals. It suppresses the amygdala activity,

which is a part of the brain that is responsible for fear and anxiety.

The drug produces empathic and prosocial feelings in the consumer, helping amend anxiety caused by interacting with other people.


Another significant health benefit of ecstasy is that it can fight against depression.

The drug instills feelings of calmness and trust in the person in the therapeutic settings that help them deal with depression

and other common comorbidities related to post-traumatic stress disorder.

The drug is one of the few street drugs being investigated for depression treatment in recent times.

Alcohol Addiction

The clinical use of ecstasy has enormous potential to treat trauma due to alcohol consumption.

It can help to severely reduce the intake of alcohol when psychiatrists supervise the drug’s input.

Effects Of Consuming Ecstasy

When you buy ecstasy pills online, make sure to take only small dosages of the drug, as high doses affect the body’s ability to regulate the temperature,

which may significantly spike the body temperature leading to kidney, liver, and heart failures and even death in some cases.

The excess consumption of ecstasy can also lead to unsafe sexual behavior, leading to transmitting AIDS or hepatitis.

The drug promotes trust and closeness, mostly when consumed with Viagra.

Ecstasy pills generally increase three significant brain chemicals, including dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotine.

Dopamine stimulates increased energy and activity and acts as a reward system for the reinforced behaviors.

Norepinephrine is a chemical that increases the heart rate and blood pleasure, which can be very risky for people with heart and blood vessel diseases.

Serotonin affects several functionalities of the body, which include mood, appetite, and even sleep.

It also triggers various hormones that affect the sexual arousal in the person and trust.

The large release of the chemical can lead to elevated emotions and emotional closeness with people.

The drug’s effects last around three to six hours. Within that period, various consumers can have multiple side effects like nausea,

muscle cramping, involuntary teeth clenching, blurring of vision, irritability, aggression, and even sleep problems.

Sometimes you may feel cold, but sometimes you may feel hot and start sweating.

Over a week, certain people go through memory, attention problems, decreased appetite and decreased interest in sex.

In most cases, the drugs’ adverse effects are due to its combination with other recreational drugs like marijuana or cocaine.

Interesting Facts About Ecstasy

When you buy ecstasy, you need to know that Molly and ecstasy are not the same. Instead, they are different forms of MDMA.

Ecstasy acts as a stimulant and a psychedelic drug that is generally used in raves and dance parties apart from its medical uses.

The drug floods the brain of the consumer with serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine,

which are neurotransmitters and increase the energy level in the body.

Even though ecstasy is considered the purest form of MDMA without the combination of any impurities,

these are generally substituted with MDPV, methylome, mephedrone, and butylene when sold on the streets.

That is why it Is essential to buy these drugs from reputed ecstasy online shops.

Even in the purest forms, ecstasy causes elevated heart rates, distortion of the thought process,

and temperature rise when consumed in large amounts.

The combination of ecstasy pills with other substances can have severe effects on the body.

They cause seizures, hyperthermia, comas, and even cardiac arrest. It also depletes the neurotransmitters in the body,

which leads to severe depression in the body of the drug abuser.

Researches show that ecstasy is a pressed pill, and it may have caffeine, cocaine, PCP, and dextromethorphan.

These drugs are mostly consumed by people between the age of sixteen and twenty-four.

How Much Does Ecstasy Cost Online?

The ecstasy pills price depends on the quality and the site from which you are buying them.

Most street dealers charge extra amounts and don’t deliver quality products,

whereas the reputed sites provide ecstasy pills for sale online at discounted rates, making them available for most consumers.

The mean price is $26 pills in most places, and the mean dosage is two pills per person.

The ecstasy powder generally costs around $212 per gram,

and most people buy around one gram of the drug when not consuming alcohol or other drugs with them.

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