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Face Masks: The Means To Protect Yourselves And Your Loved Ones

Face masks were prevalent from an early period for protection against dust and debris or a style quotient. But in the current situation, these masks have become an essential part of our lives. You can find various types of face masks online which are suitable to provide the required protection against the coronavirus. There are mainly three broad categories of face masks: homemade masks, surgical masks, and N95s. These are available in different colors and packages and have their unique ways of protecting the wearers.

The respiratory masks available online are protective devices that cover a part of the face. It is designed to protect both the wearer and the environment from breathable pollutants like pathogens. You can generally find three types of masks according to the coverage level: the full mask, the quarter, and the half masks.

The breathing resistance of the masks varies according to the material of the mask. The surgical masks are often referred to as the half masks or the filtering facepiece, which prevents the pathogens’ entry through the airway. These masks were initially available with or without valves that provide airflow inside and outside the cover. These are mainly suitable for work environments.

Order Face Masks Online

Given coronavirus’s current situation, it is essential to buy face masks online from reputable sites to ensure the complete safety of yourself and the other people receding with or around you. The online sites provide products from authentic and verified vendors so that the quality of the product is not compromised. You can get fast deliveries at your doorstep with contactless deliveries.

.How To Use It?

After you buy face masks online, you need to follow a few mandatory guidelines and steps to ensure maximum safety.

  • Clean your hands by washing them using soap and water or by using alcohol-based hand sanitisers.
  • Before putting on the face mask, remember to inspect it or any holes or tears to ensure full protection.
  • Locate the metal strip, which is the top of the mask. Orient the mask so that the coloured side faces outwards.
  • Place the top part of the mask on the nose’s bridge and loop the elastic bands behind the ears or tie the strands behind the head accordingly. Pull the face mask down to cover the entire surface of the nose, mouth, and chin for maximum safety.
  • Try to avoid touching the face masks when you are outdoors unless it is necessary. In case you need to adjust or feel the mask, remember to wash your hands before and after doing so.
  • While taking off the mask, unloop the bands from behind the ears or undo the ties behind the head. Always avoid touching the front part of the mask to prevent contamination.
  • After using either cash the mask and dry it for reusing or promptly dispose of the mask in a closed garbage bin, both the cases wash your hands thoroughly.

Protect Yourself From The Dangerous COVID-19 Virus By Using Face Masks

The SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted from person to person in the form of small respiratory droplets. These are generated when a person with the virus exhales, coughs or sneezes. The person in the immediate environment can come in contact with the virus by breathing in the droplets. These droplets can also attach themselves to various surfaces and objects and stay for hours. The three main categories of face masks online, including homemade, surgical, and N95, can help users against the virus as long as they follow the various other safety protocols.

Homemade Face Masks

Even though these masks only provide a small degree of protection, they help prevent the virus’s transmission. These masks can help people avoid the disease as long as they maintain social distancing and follow proper hygiene.

Surgical Masks

These are mostly suitable for the work environment as they can’t protect against the virus. These generally have air leakages and can’t filter smaller aerosols.

N95 Respirators

When you buy masks online, these are the best options you have since they help protect the wearer against the smaller respiratory droplets that transmit the virus.

Effects Of Using Face Masks

In several cases wearing face masks creates a false sense of security in most people. They feel that the other protocols and safety control measures are unnecessary when you wear them.

The risk of getting infected if the face mask is touched, not changed frequently, and kept unwashed for several days.

The face masks you order online can reduce the quality and volume of speech which may cause people to unconsciously coming closer to each other.

When you wear a mask, the exhaled air goes into the eyes, which generates an uncomfortable feeling and increases the risk of touching the eyes. In most cases, the hands are contaminated and cause infections.

Face masks increase the difficulty in breathing. Especially for people with COPD, the covers are intolerable and suffocate them. The face masks result in inhaling a fraction of the carbon dioxide which the user previously exhales since this increases the frequency and depth of breathing, increasing the chances of contaminating the air further.

Exciting Facts About Face Masks

The Centre For Disease Control And Prevention recommends using cloth masks to prevent the spread of the virus for people who can’t afford the N95 masks. But at the same time, they also recommend following the other preventive measures such as maintaining six feet distance and using hand sanitizer regularly. The virus mostly spreads by respiratory droplets at close range, and these masks can’t filter 100% of the air we breathe.

The people who wear a mask touch their faces more often than those who don’t wear them. It can result in a higher transmission of viruses. But the risk of spreading the virus is easily reduced by frequent handwashing and knowing the exact way to wear and remove the face mask.

The N95 face masks online and the cloth mask are designed to block around 95% of the small particles. Although the two have different purposes, they are intended to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Several studies show that cloth masks help filter a certain number of small particles but not as well as N95 masks. Even though a cloth mask helps protect you and the people around you, these should always be combined with frequent handwashing and social distancing.

It is not a convenient option, but the cloth needs to be washed after every use. It can be laundered with other clothes but make sure that you use the most wastewater setting for the material. Make sure to dry the mask under direct sunlight to kill all the pathogens. Use the reusable covers only after ten to fourteen days to ensure that all the pathogens die out.

The cloth face masks are very simple to make, and you can easily make them. But when you do, it is essential to add several fabric layers to provide the maximum amount of protection. 

Wearing masks can lead to breathing in carbon dioxide, which can cause various symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, shortage of breath, and even headaches. Since most people wear it for a short time, they don’t feel anything except a mild headache. The mask also starts to lose its effectiveness once it is wet, so make sure to dry it properly before using it.

There are certain myths associated with wearing face masks. Some say it makes a political statement, whereas others think it’s a weakness. But the truth is that wearing masks helps reduce the spreading of contagious viruses and is connected with their well-being.

How Much Does A Face Mask Cost Online?

In the present day, if you want to buy masks online, you will find a variety of options available from different brands and different quantities. You can find them as a pack of three or five or even a hundred pieces when you buy disposable masks. The prices of the masks depend on their quality, quantity, and branding. You can even buy them in wholesales, in which case it will cost between $989 to $6299, and the three-layer surgical masks may cost anywhere around $499 to $1,199. You can also find masks from different top brands like van Heusen, Allen Solly, and US polls, which generally come in a pack of two or three for both men and women and, in most cases, for children.

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